UPDATE 2/18/2015
Spring Valley Ranch thanks everyone for their interest in our Bull Sale. The responses and comments have been most gratifying. We’re especially grateful for all of the help that we received in putting the sale together. Although we’d like to name everyone who helped, we’d surely miss someone, and we don’t want to offend. Please calendar next year’s date…February 5, 2016. We’ll be offering sons of Candolier Forever 376, 5522, EXT, Broadside and Emblazon. See you then. Again, thank you! 


We are a low input, forage-based Angus seedstock producer.

The phrase Timeless Genetics© describes our program because we use foundation Angus genetics to breed registered black Angus cattle. 

These cattle will help you achieve a more profitable operation, reduce everyday wear and tear, and dramatically reduce your input costs. 

We were fortunate to have our ranch and the Nebraska Sandhills featured on The American Rancher. This program describes our philosophy, shows our cattle and gives a wonderful historical tour of the Nebraska Sandhills.  

Please stop by the ranch any time; you’ll see the difference. And, the coffee is always on!  

Spring Valley Ranch and Cattle, L.L.C.