Happy New Year!

We were fortunate to have our ranch and the Nebraska Sandhills featured on The American Rancher.  We hope you enjoyed learning about the history of the Nebraska Sandhills, the early pioneers and our Angus program.  If you missed the broadcast, here’s the show (without commercials): 

Thank you, too, for viewing our upcoming offering of sixty, two-year old, registered Black Angus bulls.  You can see the bulls at our ranch (directions provided to the left), at the Burwell Livestock Market one day prior to Sale Day, or online at www.superiorlivestock.com.  SVR’s log-in page for viewing the bulls and bidding is:


Copy and paste either link into your Internet browser.  The videos should be available by January 15, 2014 . . . if we don’t freeze before then! 

The catalog should also be posted and mailed by then.  We elected not include photos of the bulls in the catalog, because bulls are best viewed either in person or when they are moving.  The video of each bull is worth a thousand words.

We are a low input, forage-based Angus seedstock producer that uses Timeless Genetics© to breed registered black Angus cattle, which meet the needs of today’s beef producer.  It is our objective to help you achieve a more profitable operation and reduce everyday wear and tear.

Our bulls will transmit the essential traits of fertility, structural soundness, fleshing ability, predictability and uniformity to your herd, regardless of whether you are a low input operator or use heavier feedstocks.  Our animals pass on these traits, which we view as the keys to a successful operation:

Reproductive Efficiency and Fertility, the most important economic factors in beef production. Our bulls are produced from animals that are genetically superior for strong fertility and efficient reproduction.

Structural Soundness. Our bulls are bred to thrive in the harsh range environment and stand for many breading seasons. Their strengths include:

  • Calving Ease - decrease your calving costs by reducing the number of dead calves and avoiding the expense and wear and tear of difficult deliveries;
  • Superior Teat and Udder Structure - to enable cost-efficient and superior calf development;
  • Freedom of Movement – our bulls cover ground easily and cows with gusto.  When you view our bulls online, you will see how smoothly they move and carry themselves. 
  • Ability to Wean Healthy Calves.  We are limiting our herd to cows that can wean a calf that is fifty to sixty percent of the cow’s body weight.

Our Animals Are Bred For Good Temperament, Proper Growth Rate And Carcass Cutability.  We’re extraordinarily patient!  We take the time necessary to develop bulls so that we can be confident they will pass the essential traits into your herd. By the time we have selected our bulls for sale as two-year-olds, we have evaluated them for libido, fertility, good temperament, physical ability, soundness, and carcass quality.  We constantly evaluate them and our herd for these key characteristics:

  • Excellent Temperament - our bulls and cattle are docile.  We cull any animals that are ill-tempered, high-headed or just plain difficult. Poor mothers are rejected.
  • Balanced Growth - while the bulls themselves must grow as rapidly as possible under range conditions, they must remain sound.  Rather than force-feed bulls to sell at a young age, we develop them slowly to promote proper skeletal and muscular development.  We want our bulls to thrive on the range, and not “melt” as “fat” bulls so often do. Our animals will successfully reproduce . . . and thrive . . . in the same climatic, nutritional and management conditions found on your ranch.
  • Optimized Body Composition - we sample our genetic lines to assure that proper body composition is in place.  Although our animals may have a smaller frame size, they are much thicker and produce a higher quality product.
  • Uniformity – our bulls “stamp” their progeny to assure uniformity in the calf crop. We know that when you sell your calves, you want a uniform set.

It takes time and careful selection to achieve proper phenotype and genetic predisposition, which are two of the reasons we offer a limited number of animals.  We could offer many more animals, but our standards prevent us from doing so. Quality trumps quantity in our operation. 

Please stop by the ranch any time; you’ll see the difference.  And, the coffee is always on!

Please accept, too, our personal invitation to join us for a free lunch at the sale.  If you can’t make it, you can view the offering at http://www.superiorlivestock.com/production-event-detail?id=1033.  If you like what you see, you can bid on line through that link. 

Don’t be bashful.

Have a great 2014!

Spring Valley Ranch and Cattle, L.L.C.