We are a low input, forage-based Angus seedstock producer.

The phrase Timeless Genetics© describes our program because we use foundation Angus genetics to breed registered black Angus cattle. 

These cattle will help you achieve a more profitable operation, reduce everyday wear and tear, and dramatically reduce your input costs. 

We were fortunate to have our ranch and the Nebraska Sandhills featured on The American Rancher. This program describes our philosophy, shows our cattle and gives a wonderful historical tour of the Nebraska Sandhills.  

Herd Sires. We wanted you to see what our Herd Sires look like just after they have finished a summer breeding season, not after they’ve spent months on feed. 

If you click on “Herd Sires” on the left side of our website, you will find film clips of our Herd Sires. 

These clips were taken on September 22, 2014 – one day after the bulls left summer pasture, where it takes about 12 acres to support one cow-calf pair. That’s a lot of distance for one bull to cover to service 30 mother cows. 

After seeing these clips, there can be no doubt that our Herd Sires have and will transmit the essential traits of fertility, structural soundness, fleshing ability, predictability and uniformity. 

Foundation Females. Under the Foundation Females tab are links to video clips of our Foundation Females. These clips were taken on September 22, 2014.  

Replacement Heifers. A video of our Replacements Heifers is under the Replacement Heifers tab.  

Sale Bulls. On February 6, 2015 at noon, we will sell 75 Sale Bulls at the Burwell Livestock Exchange in Burwell, Nebraska. This is our best offering yet! 

Here is the link to the catalog with videos of all the bulls for sale on February 6, 2015. http://superiorlivestock.com/onlineVideoCatalog/?contractId=1269

It takes time and careful selection to achieve proper phenotype and genetic predisposition. You can see the results…we have nothing to hide. 

Please stop by the ranch any time; you’ll see the difference. And, the coffee is always on!  

Spring Valley Ranch and Cattle, L.L.C.