Spring Valley Ranch & Cattle Foundation Angus Bulls provide fertility, structural soundness, excellent teat and udder quality, good disposition, and solid performance. 

On Friday, February 4, 2022, at 1:00 p.m. CST, Spring Valley will sell

  • 78 Foundation Registered Black Angus Two-Year-Old Bulls
  • At the Burwell Livestock Market in Burwell, Nebraska.
You can view the sale Bulls at our DVAuction site. [Click here] 

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This Sale continues our Structured Sire Evaluation by comparing actual data generated in the range environment by Sale Bulls sired by KCF Bennett Absolute against Sale Bulls sired by outstanding SVR Bulls and historically great Foundation Angus sires.  The Absolute Bulls represent Modern Genetics; the Sale Bulls sired by SVR Herdsires and historically great Angus Bulls represent Foundation Genetics.  Last year we used S A V Renown 3439 as our Reference Sire for Modern Genetics. 

To provide empirical measures for this Structured Sire Evaluation, Spring Valley has implemented an additional tool from Neogen – the Igenity Beef Profile. The Igenity Beef Profile presents a genomic analysis of a specific range of traits valuable to the beef cattle industry, especially the cow-calf producer. For the Structured Sire Evaluation, Spring Valley uses the Igenity Production Index, the SVR-Production Index and the Igenity Terminal Index. Please review this analysis by clicking HERE. You’ll find it most interesting.

This year’s Catalog and last year’s Catalog compare Foundation Angus and Modern Genetics by using data generated in range conditions.


Through this Structured Sire Evaluation, we are able to compare SVR’s Foundation Angus Genetics against Modern Genetics for those traits that are critical for today’s producers.  Our customers, particularly the cow-calf producers, should know whether Foundation Genetics (represented by SVR) are better for them than Modern Genetics. We want to know if we’re making good choices for our customers.


To make this Structured Sire Evaluation, we (i) identified the traits that are important to today’s cow/calf producer (our 2020 sale Catalog and this year’s Catalog identify these traits), (ii) measured each Sale Bull for those traits, and (iii) compared the SVR Sale Bulls to the Absolute and Renown Sale Bulls.


We managed Absolute and Renown progeny in exactly the same way as the SVR Sale Bulls. All Sale Bulls were run in a real world, ranch environment, under range conditions, with minimal inputs. All Sale Bulls received essentially what they would be fed by today’s cow/calf producer – grass, minerals and salt. There were no differences in management.


We are pleased with the results.  The SVR Sale Bulls outperform or are comparable to the Mainstream Genetics represented by Absolute and Renown in almost every way.  And the SVR Sale Bulls have better structure, fertility and docility.


We encourage you to read this year’s Catalog (and our earlier Catalogs), look at the videos of the Sale Bulls and see the difference between Modern Genetics and Foundation Genetics.  We hope to see you at the Sale.

SVR Foundation Angus Bulls

  • Will build the optimum, profitable cow herd by passing on the essential Foundation Angus Traits demanded by commercial producers.
  • Are thick, moderate-framed, docile, fertile, structurally sound and correct.
  • Will sire
    • Moderate, long-lived females that have structural integrity, excellent teats and udders, strong mothering ability, excellent fertility, and which produce calves that get up and suck.
    • Commercial calves that are uniform, consistent and predictable, improving profitability.
    • SVR Foundation Angus Bulls and their progeny will be low input, which is critical when supplemental feed costs are high.