Thank you for your interest in our 16 fall sale bulls.  They are now all gone.

We breed bulls that transmit the best of the maternal Angus traits that are the foundation of the breed.  These bulls will sire uniformly functional cattle that should be profitable.

Our breeding program focuses upon functional traits such as cow survival (longevity), reproductive regularity, docility, mothering ability, excellent feet and legs, proper teat and udder structure, good heifer pregnancy rates; calving ease and feed efficiency.

Our bulls transmit these functional traits, which, as shown by the American Angus Association’s 2018 Survey, producers value above all others.  In fact, two backgrounders and two feeders of cattle produced by one of our long-time customers said the cattle produced from the SVR program “were some of the best cattle we’ve seen, and we really, really like them.”

We wish you the best during the COVID-19 outbreak.  If there’s anything we can do, please let us know.