On February 5, 2021, We Sold 75 Registered Black Angus Two-Year Old Bulls. 

We Were Very Pleased With The Results. 

Thank You Everyone.




As you know, we included Ratios in our sale data because of the use of an in-herd Reference Sire for the Structured Sire Evaluation.  This coming February, we’ll use in-herd Reference Sires for comparison.  You may want to keep your Sale books for continuing use. 


Henderson Land and Livestock had Prime Pursuits feed 225 steers that were based upon SVR Foundation Genetics.  98.6% of the Henderson steers graded choice or better and 70% would have been eligible for CAB:

These steers gained over 2 pounds a day on grass.


We are so very thankful that Mike Henderson and his family are our friends, have been loyal SVR customers for over 15 years and shared their data with us.  The data proves the worth of SVR Foundation Genetics.   

Our February 5, 2021 Sale featured a Structured Sire Evaluation that compared actual data generated in the range environment by Sale Bulls sired by S A V Renown 3439 against the data of Sale Bulls sired by outstanding Spring Valley herd sires and historically great Angus sires. The Renown Sale Bulls represented Modern Genetics; the Sale Bulls sired by SVR Herd Sires and historically great Angus represented Foundation Genetics.


In conducting this Structured Sire Evaluation, we wanted to see just how Modern Genetics fared against SVR’s Foundation Genetics for the cow-calf producer. Our customers should know whether Foundation Genetics (represented by SVR) are better for them than Modern Genetics. We want to know if we’re making good choices for our customers.


To make this Structured Sire Evaluation, we (i) identified the traits that are important to today’s cow/calf producer (our 2020 sale catalog identifies these traits), (ii) measured each Sale Bull for those traits, and (iii) compared the SVR Sale Bulls to the Renown Sale Bulls. Using these measurements, the SVR Sale Bulls outperformed or were comparable to the Mainstream Genetics in almost every way

After Renown’s sons were born, we managed them in exactly the same way as the SVR Sale Bulls. All Sale Bulls were run in a real world, ranch environment, under range conditions, with minimal inputs. All Sale Bulls received essentially what they would be fed by today’s cow/calf producer – grass, minerals and salt. There were no differences in management. Needless to say, we were and are pleased with the results.


We encourage you to read our 2021 Catalog (and our earlier catalogs), look at the videos of the Sale Bulls and see the difference between Modern Genetics and Foundation Genetics.