From December 3, 2022, starting 1:00 p.m. CST through December 10, 2022, at 1:00 p.m., we are offering thirty registered black Angus bred heifers, which represent the best of our program.  Here is the link to DVAuction where you can see and bid on them:

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These bred heifers have structural integrity, will have excellent teats and udders, strong mothering ability, will produce calves that get up and suck, and will be long-lived.  Their calves should be long-lived, too, since these girls were bred to SVR Bulls whose mothers produced for us until at least age 14.


As described by the following cattlepersons posts, these bred heifers are the best of Foundation Angus cattle:


“A wonderful set of females.” 


“Those are what Angus cows should be.”


“That is a group of females every cattleperson should study intently.  Those girls are the right kind.  Best thing I like about them is they look like frame score 5 type cattle!”


This is your chance to improve your herd through uniform, deep bodied, truly functional, long-lived cattle.  We’ll say no more about the bred heifers; they speak for themselves.  Here they are, with bidding information: 


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The Videos are on left-hand side of this page.

You may access bidding and videos at DVAuction [Click here]


Download the 2022 Bred Heifer Catalog – [Click Here]

Here’s a YouTube video showing the thirty heifers in the working clothes: