Annual Bull Sale, Burwell, Nebraska Livestock Exchange on Friday, February 7, 2020, 1:00 p.m., CST.


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We became seedstock producers because we had become increasingly dissatisfied with the bulls purchased for our commercial herd. Too often the bulls were overly finished, “melted” during the breeding season, were structurally incorrect, and had to be sent to town after one breeding season. We became tired of buying new bulls, year after year. We wanted bulls that would last and produce high quality replacement heifers and feeder calves.


So, we decided to enter the seedstock business.


We began by breeding animals using EPDs and the recommendations of those wellschooled in the EPD system. Again, we were disappointed. The animals produced by “running the numbers” did not survive in the range environment and failed to produce quality replacement females. Sale prices for our feeder calves were, at best, average.


As a result, we determined to learn from history, rather than to create or ignore it. We decided to use as breeding stock those animals that have many generations of high quality progeny. To select genetics that work in the range environment for the cow/calf producer, we studied the great herds. We asked outstanding Angus breeders about their herds, their breeding and their breeding philosophies. The answers were readily forthcoming and are displayed in our herd and these bulls.


These SVR Bulls and their mothers are sired by great sires that have decades and generations of predictable performance. The “old” sires produced animals that meet our criteria and function extraordinarily well on the range and on forage. These older sires are proven, their breeders know what worked, and we have their history. Although moderate in frame, they were thick-bodied animals known for producing high quality carcass progeny.


Emulation cattle provide unrivaled mothering ability, fertility, calving ease,superb teat and udder structure, survivability, adaptability and longevity in the ranch environment. Wye animals, which are original Aberdeen Angus, are highly maternal, transmit calving ease, have excellent carcass quality and marble on grass. Rito/Traveler transmits muscle, adds performance, helps carcass quality and provides gain.


These Sale Bulls demonstrate those qualities, and will transmit them to your herd.